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GSL Entrance Exam

Over the years, entry into the Ghana School of Law has been rigorous and for this reason, students would like some form of guidance and preparation before sitting the entrance exam to the Ghana School of Law.

GSL Entrance Exam at a glance

To qualify for admission to the Ghana School of Law for the Professional Law Course, applicants must be successful  at the Entrance Examination. The categories of applicants listed below are eligible to write the Entrance Examination:



The examination is a two (2) hour paper and consist of two sections.

Section ‘A’ comprises 20 (multiple choice questions), covering six (6) out of the ten (10) basic subjects required prior to admission to the Ghana School of Law. Namely:

a) Law of Contract 

b) Law of Torts

c) Criminal Law 

d) Law of Immovable Property

e) Ghana Constitutional Law

f) Ghana Legal System & Methods

Section ‘B’ will consist of two essay or problem questions, based on any of the six (6) subjects listed above. Candidates will be required to answer the two questions.



1. The persons who are eligible to write the entrance examination are:

a) Persons who have obtained a Bachelor of Law certificate or Final year Bachelor of Law students awaiting their final results from the Faculty of  Law of Universities accredited by the National Accreditation Board and approved by the General Legal Council (GLC); and

b) Ghanaian holders of Bachelor of Law certificates or equivalent law  degrees from universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America and other law jurisdiction and who have obtained passes in all the following prescribed subjects:

1) Law of Contract 

2) Law of Torts

3) Criminal Law 

4) Law of Immovable Property

5) Ghana Constitutional Law

6) Ghana Legal System & Methods

7) Equity and Succession

8) Company Law

9) Commercial Law

10) Any of the following subjects:

(a) Natural Resources Law

(b) Law of Taxation

(c) Intellectual Property Law

(d) Environmental Law; and 

(e) Labour Law

Applicants who are admitted to undertake the Professional Law Course are enrolled as Barristers at Law and Solicitors of the Supreme Court upon their successful completion of the Course. 

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