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On Demand Recorded Prep Courses

Our Prep courses will be offered as live or recorded based on your schedule needs. Study primarily online with blended learning opportunities.

Criminal Law

In this course, students get to learn and understand the elements of crime and the threshold that needs to be met to be able to qualify an act or omission as criminal with the two major laws: the Criminal and other Offences Act and Criminal and Other Offences ( Procedure) Act

Ghana Legal System & Methods

The course exposes students to the mechanisms of the present legal system in Ghana, the structure of the courts, interpretation of the statutes, outlines of civil and criminal procedure, alternative dispute resolution as well as the basic lawyering skills which would prepare students for law school.

Constitutional Law

In this course, students would learn the principles that govern the running of a country with the 1992 constitution being the major reference, principles such as separation of powers, constitutionalism, and human rights.

Law of Immovable Property

The course will take students through dealing with issues of creation of leaseholds, covenants in leases and termination of leases, and everything that deals with immovable property.

Law of Tort

Students will learn the various principles of tort, the scope of breach and the metric for determining what amounts to a tortious act and its practical application based on the relevant sources of law.

Law of Contract

In this course, students will learn the nature and essentials of contract formation, including statements and writings. The course will cover specific topics like mistake, misrepresentation, duress, undue influence, illegality and its effect on a contract.

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